Frumpy and Out of Shape

She looks at herself in the mirror and groans.  Who is this frumpy, out of shape woman?  After a couple of children and twenty pounds, Anne doesn’t feel attractive anymore.

She knows she needs to eat right and start exercising, but the thought of  getting started  is daunting.  Instead, she pulls on another oversized sweater, her “big” jeans, and moves on with her day.

But she can’t escape her feelings of insecurity.  Everywhere she looks, she sees women who look better than she does.  They are thinner, more fit, healthier, happier.    It’s discouraging enough to keep her from being motivated to change.

Her husband tells her she’s beautiful; his advances indicate that he still finds her attractive, but why?  She finds it hard to reciprocate because she feels overweight and ugly.  She certainly doesn’t want to take her clothes off in front of him!  If only she could get in shape and lose some weight, maybe then she could recapture her sexual desire.  But for now, she grabs the bag of M’nMs and drowns her sorrow with chocolate.

What struggles do you have with your body and the way you look?  When do your insecurities get in the way of your ability to respond sexually to your husband?  How are your insecurities, self-focus and self-protection keeping you from inviting others into relationship?

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~Women’s Ministry Team

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