Another Item On The To-Do List?

“How can he be upset?” she thinks to herself.  Wasn’t she thinking of him when she wrote on her list, “make time for hubby?”  She doesn’t know what he expects of her.  He should be happy that she recognizes that she must take care of his needs along with the other thirteen things she has to get done today.  Really though, why should she bother?  He never appreciates anything she does anyway.

She is quickly convicted by the Holy Spirit that this attitude is neither respectful nor submissive to her husband or to the Lord (Ephesians 5:22, 33).  She knows he doesn’t want to be just another chore on her to do list.  But how is she supposed to make time for everything that needs to be done?  Maybe that is the problem.  She is self-promoting her “wants” and making them “needs” when in reality they are not.  She thinks she is partnering with her husband by getting all the chores done but he doesn’t see it that way when it leaves no time for him.  When he protests, she turns to self-protection and rationalization.  Instead of figuring out how to get all the laundry done, the house cleaned, bills paid, groceries bought, and meals cooked, maybe she should spend more time being inviting to her husband in their sex life.  Christ has the power to give her the freedom she so desperately wants in this area.   She can intentionally plan for sex and even pursue him first!

The next time her husband pursues, she will trust Christ with her circumstances and not try to exert her own control over the situation.    She will trust that God will help her get everything done that’s really necessary and still be there when her husband needs her.

Do you intentionally plan for sex with your husband?  How might it change your attitude, and even your relationship, if you set your mind on sex and even pursued him first? 

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~Women’s Ministry Team