Resources | Exiled Series

This weekend we began our new mini-series, ‘Citizens,’ addressing some important issues related to our identity as Christians living in the world (as strangers and aliens). For more teaching on the subject of living as foreigners in the world as seen in the context of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament, see our 10-week series entitled ‘Exiled.’

In this series we take a look at the origins of our sin and reveal a fresh perspective on how sin fractures our relationships, displaces our identity, and makes us feel profoundly alien in a world designed for our life. Through the story of Israel, we follow a refugee-people who become displaced from their land and ravaged by their enemies, but nevertheless find reason to hope in a God of healing.  When exile represents the death of Israel, God promises nothing less than resurrection.

The ‘Exiled series can be found on our website and is also available on our teaching app. Search “Grace Church SC” in your app store and download the app free today.