Elder Candidate | Matt Gaymon

This weekend Matt Williams presented Matt Gaymon as a candidate for the governing elder board of Grace Church. Matt has been faithfully serving the church for 15 years, and we are looking forward to the possibility of this addition to our church leadership. As part of the selection process, Matt has been sitting in with our elders for over a year, and we believe that he is well-equipped for consideration in this role for our church family.

Matt is a South Carolina native, born in Hartsville, South Carolina. He and his wife, Ashley, met at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, while Matt studied Mass Communications and Speech Communications. They have been married for 13 years and have three children: Maggie (10), Kerri Grace (8), and Oliver (4). Matt and Ashley have also been fostering since January, which Matt shares “has proven to be a challenging, amazing, and life-changing experience.”

Having worked in the marketing field for 15 years, Matt currently works as a Management Supervisor at FerebeeLane, a marketing agency located in downtown Greenville. Ashley teaches K4 at Edwards Road Baptist Church Preschool.

He and his wife were first introduced to Grace Church through Matt’s sister, Kimberly, in 2003. During their second visit to Grace, Matt was asked by a friend to help out with a skit for Grace Church Kids. Nearly 15 years later, Matt and Ashley still serve in the same ministry with some of the same people, which, Matt reminds us, “just goes to show the power of finding true community among the people you’re serving with.” In 2007, the pair began leading community groups, and in 2015, Matt was able to participate in a medical trip to Kenya and is looking forward to returning as part of the team this upcoming October.

When asked to share an interesting fact about himself, Matt shares that he is just one day older than his wife, “I remind her often that I learned a lot that day.”

Matt and his family are excited to take this step forward in further serving our church. “I am continually amazed at how clearly we can see God working through His local church. For me personally, in our marriage, our kids, and in the relationships formed over the years—it is humbling and exciting to see real life change that can only be explained through His love, mercy and grace. My prayer for our church is that we continue to seek His will above all else and live our lives fully dependent on Him as we strive to make disciples and bring glory to His name.”