Sermon Recap | Theology of Work | Work Defined

Creation began with work. Therefore, it only makes sense that God would call His creation to work in many different ways to bring glory to His name.  When most of us think of “work” we think of a job that we go to and leave each day. But, there are many areas outside of our jobs that we “work” in each day:  marriage, parenting, relationships, serving, spiritual growth, etc.  Finding balance in our different areas of work is important, as is remembering that all work is done for God and not for the approval of man.


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1. A definition of work is “The intentional employment of my gifts and abilities to:
– … provide for my needs and the needs of those God has entrusted to me.”
– … promote the peace and prosperity of my community.
– … make this world better in anticipation of the new heaven and new earth.”
What work are you currently doing in each of these areas? If you have never considered these areas before, what changes can you make to address them?
2. The season of life we are in can impact the work that we do and what we are able to concentrate on. Based on your current season, in what areas might you be overworking, and what areas might you be neglecting?
3. Colossians 3:23 says, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” Sometimes we lose sight of the purpose of our work and ignore God’s call because it seems insignificant. Have you ever dismissed tasks or areas of work because they felt unimportant? How can this verse impact your attitude as you work? What steps can you take to remember that God is your primary audience, not your boss, co-workers, spouse, etc?
4. At times it is tempting to over-identify with certain categories of work (i.e. our job, our role as a parent or spouse, etc.). When we over-identify with an area of work, it can become part of our identity and lead to idolatry. Life can only come from God, not from the work we do. Is there a category of work that you currently over-identify with and in which find your identity? What steps do you need to take to look to the Lord for your worth instead of the work you are doing?

Thoughts to Consider

– God worked and is still working and He created us to work. The Garden is the beginning of the work experience but not the pinnacle. From the garden come millions of work opportunities that God has assigned value to.
– The work that we do can declare the kind of woman or man we are. Our work can bring glory to the Lord no matter the value assigned to it by the world.
– Different categories of work can be more appealing to devote more time and energy towards. When we under-identify with an area of work and ignore or avoid work we’ve been called to, we are lazy in not being willing to give energy to it. This can result in weeds growing and escalating problems in those areas of our life.
– Work isn’t always easy. A lot of times it is hard and challenging. But we can do the hard and obscure work because God has assigned value to it, and it brings Him glory.