Sermon Recap | Easter 2016 | The Resurrection Body

The basis of Christianity centers on the Resurrection. The fact that Jesus was raised from the dead tells us about who God is and how powerful He is. If we have faith in Him and believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, it means we too will be raised from the dead. We will receive new heavenly bodies—bodies that will be strong and full of glory, unlike the mortal bodies we currently occupy that are weak and full of brokenness.


Scripture References

1 Corinthians 15:35-49
Colossians 1:27
Romans 8:11
Luke 24:35-49


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-What are your expectations for this earthly life compared to your future heavenly life?
-In what ways do your high expectations for this earthly life inhibit your freedom to be forgiving, be generous, show kindness, etc.?
-In what ways do you try to hold death at bay and avoid the reality of eternity?
-For you personally, how does the Resurrection impact your decisions and attitudes on a daily basis?

Thoughts to Consider

1. As with seeds, there has to be death before there can be life. Death is an essential first step towards a beautiful life.
2. What goes in the ground is different than what comes out of the ground. The dead thing that goes into the ground is dramatically different than the live thing that comes out.
3. We currently have bodies that are suited for the earth, and resurrected bodies will be suited for the heavens. Our heavenly bodies will be physical spiritual bodies that will possibly reflect scars and characteristics from our earthly bodies.