Sermon Recap | We Choose | Why the Local Church?

The Bible positions the local church as the primary influencer for the gospel and good works in the community. As the local church, we are a rescued and redeemed group of unique people working together to serve God and serve others. In our family of local congregations, our aim is to equip each other to transform the culture with godly talk and action.


Scripture References

Titus 3:1-14
1 Peter 2:9


Found | Aaron Ivey | iTunes
Philippians 3:8-9 • 1 Corinthians 15:43 • Colossians 3:3 • Matthew 10:39

Give it All | Grace Church Worship
Psalm 101:1-3 • Romans 12:1 • Psalm 119:10-12

Be Thou My Vision | Grace Church Worship
Deuteronomy 4:28-29 • Jeremiah 9:23-24 • 1 Corinthians 1:26-31

Great are You Lord | All Sons and Daughters | iTunes
Psalm 104 • Ezekiel 37:1-14 • Psalm 98 • Psalm 145:3

Seas of Crimson | Bethel Music | iTunes
Isaiah 53:4-5 • Matthew 26:28 • Revelation 12:11

Look and See | The Village Church | iTunes
Revelation 1:4-8 • Psalm 66:1-5 • Revelation 4:11

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1. Read Titus 3:8-11. What does this say about the importance of church unity? What is the difference between unity and uniformity? What issues today have the potential to disrupt church unity?

2. As a family of local congregations, we have committed to be unified on structural doctrine that we may not all agree on. In what ways have you seen or not seen this in practice while serving at Grace Church? In what situations can you love and protect one another even when we are in disagreement over something structural?

Review our structural and foundational doctrines

3. Sometimes we just have to do the right thing. Being obedient helps shapes your heart just as making corrupt decisions corrupts your heart. When is a time in your life when “discipline preceded desire”? How did your heart change as you acted out of discipline? Is there an area of your life now where you need to act out of obedience and not necessarily desire?

4. Matt drew a graph with four quadrants that challenged us to live “above the line” (godly talk and godly action). In what circumstances have you found yourself below the line? How have you seen shifts in your life where you are below the line or above the line?

Thoughts to Consider

– Because God is gracious and kind to us, we are motivated to extend His grace and kindness to others.

– The Church is made of people who have been rescued and serve in alignment with the Holy Spirit.

– Titus 3:14 reminds us that we have to learn to meet the needs of others. We are prone to want to only take care of our own needs and forget that God calls us to selflessness.

– Matt mentioned several areas where we have committed to focus as a church: marriage, JumpStart, re:generation and other care ministries, fostering and adoption, Allendale, Kenya, Nicaragua, and our Mosaic ministry, among other areas. When you serve in one capacity or give courageously to our church, you help make all of this possible.