Jumping in with Jump Start: A Willing Community

With several campuses, it can be easy to miss out on stories of how God is moving and working within the local church. Read below as Chuck and Ashley Moore, community group leaders from our Pelham campus, tell the story of the Jump Start furniture closet. Our hope is that you would be encouraged and inspired by members of our church family who are finding unique ways to serve others!

“During Community Group one evening, Robert Ravelo shared that one of his co-workers, who was a recent Jump Start graduate, was struggling to get transportation. Since Robert fixes up cars as a side hobby, he was able to help him get a great deal on one. We were all encouraged by this opportunity he had and celebrated with him in that.

A few weeks later, Robert shared that he had sought out a few other co-workers who were also Jump Start graduates and soon identified a common need for furniture in their new apartments. Some of his other co-workers donated chairs and coffee tables that Robert delivered using his truck. Everyone in our group was encouraged by these acts to meet the needs of others.

What started out as a praise at the end of community group turned into a serving opportunity in which all of us were willing and excited to participate. Before we knew it, the Schnaiters, another family in our community group, said they had some couches that they could donate and then the Sires said they had a queen bed. Jenna Sires suggested creating a Jump Start Closet similar to the Foster and Adopt Resource Center to regularly provide donated items from our church body to Jump Start graduates each month.

After a few brainstorming sessions with some others at Grace, we secured a storage unit near Pelham and 85 and developed an online form for donations. So far, we’ve donated to four Jump Start graduates and have several more items available in storage. It’s been awesome to see our community group donate furniture, invest their time, and loan out vehicles to each other to pick up and deliver items.

We have been touched by the thankfulness of the Jump Start graduates for the donations, and at the same time, we have been convicted in hearing the stories like one man asking for a typewriter to be able to type letters to his family. In our busy culture, it would have been easy to let this opportunity pass by, but instead, some initiative to take action has created a serving opportunity that has helped others, strengthened our community group, and furthered the Kingdom.”

— Chuck and Ashley Moore
Pelham Campus
Community Group Leaders

How can you help?

We are in need of volunteers to help twice a month with pick-up and drop-off of furniture donations for Jump Start outside program graduates. To volunteer, email [email protected].