Never Alone

Many of our members are benefitting from participating in our Care Ministry groups. We asked Deb Fowler, from our Powdersville Campus, to share a little bit about her experience in this past fall’s GriefShare. Hear Deb’s experience in her own words.

“Initially, I was hesitant to go. After our first meeting, I was absolutely miserable and told myself I would never go back. It was so hard to think about the memories. I asked myself why I would put myself through that when I didn’t have to. The next day I got out my GriefShare book to do my “homework.” As I read the assignments and read the Bible passages, I began to understand why facing my demons might actually help. People have told me a million times that you can’t run away from grief. Until you deal with it, really deal with it, the grief will follow you no matter where you go. I went to the meeting the following week and to every other meeting throughout the 13 week course. I wouldn’t trade my Grief Share experience for anything.

Each week, I was given new techniques for dealing with the grief. At times, watching the video was very difficult, but people in the videos often seemed to be describing my feelings exactly. I knew that someone understood what I was feeling. I realized that other people had been through the same pain and survived. That gave me hope. Each week I was able to go home, work through the activities in the notebook, and read the assigned Bible passages. I will forever be grateful for that book.  I refer back to it often and seek out those passages where God expresses His hope for us and His expectations for our loss, and I’m reminded of how much He loves me and understands the pain I’m feeling. Also, I realized early on that the experience of losing my husband had actually put me in a place to help other ladies in my group. I was shocked.

Lastly, God put some very special people in my life through Grief Share.  Those of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one often feel alone.  I will never feel alone again. Not only do I know God is always here, walking this walk with me, but I also know I can pick up the phone and talk to any one of several people from my GriefShare group. We grew so close and so supportive of each other.  A few of us have even made plans to get together in the future to socialize.  I made lifelong friends that I will always treasure. ”

GriefShare is one of our Care Ministries for those that have experienced the loss of a spouse, child, family member, or friend. GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face the unique challenges during the grieving process and help you move toward rebuilding your life. Our Care Ministries will be re-launching January 26th at our Powdersville and Pelham campuses. For more information about GriefShare and our other Care Ministries, and to register, click here.