“O praise the name of the Lord our God. O praise His name forevermore. For endless days, we will sing Your praise. Oh Lord, oh Lord our God.”


One of the ways that I sense God’s presence the most is through songs of worship. As I was singing this Hillsong Worship chorus of “O Praise the Name” one Sunday, the words struck me.

I don’t know what heaven will be like, but the Bible makes it clear that we will be worshiping God endlessly! I believe the ways that we’ll worship in Heaven may vary, but praising God through song will be one of them. We’ll be in His presence praising and rejoicing in Him for what He has done, for who He is, and for all that He is currently doing. As I was singing the words, “O praise His name forevermore” during the service, the thought occurred to me that when we worship corporately here on earth, we are joining in with the many believers who are singing praises to God while standing before Him in His manifest glory. I was overwhelmed with joy as I thought of the day that I will be able to worship God fully with my loved ones and all other believers. But until then, God has given me the local church to live out this expression of worship.

Corporate worship is such a special gift God has given us. When I am in church worshiping with other believers, it feels like the closest I will come to Heaven here on earth. It’s a beautiful picture that when we worship together, we are in communion with all believers, even those who are living out “forevermore.” So in worship on Sunday, I raised my hands in praise, thanking God for the beautiful taste of what worship will look like in eternity and for the sweet reminder of the great joy my loved ones are experiencing in Heaven with our Lord.

Here on earth, we have no idea what true and perfect worship looks like, but it brings me such great hope to know that one day I will be joining with the multitudes—in God’s presence, without any other distractions—and doing the very thing that I long to do most purely.

Kaitlyn Fiedler

Kaitlyn is loving life with her husband Jordan. She enjoys long conversations over coffee with friends, leading her bible study group, and traveling somewhere new. She is always in pursuit of a good adventure. Kaitlyn attends our Powdersville campus.