Would We Be Missed?

If your church no longer existed, would it be missed?

Phrased another way,“Is your church essential in the community?” Is the body of believers that make up the local church so involved, so essential in the community that for them to leave would be a great tragedy?

Just as the church has a specific role to play in the community, so we as women have a unique capacity to engage our culture. We use the word ezer, a Hebrew word meaning “essential counterpart,” to describe the God-given capacities of women. To be an ezer means intentionally living out God’s call in every aspect of our lives.

One way we live out God’s calling is by reaching out and meeting the needs of our community. Some of this happens through existing relationships in neighborhoods, schools, or at work. Other times, this means intentionally looking for opportunities to come alongside and nurture or partner with others. Regardless, we all have a responsibility as women to actively engage our community for the glory of God.

Over the next few weeks, we will examine what it might look like for women to use our ezer capacities, to invite, nurture and partner, to serve others and engage our community in a meaningful way.  We will also see a few examples of women in our church body who are serving in unique ways.

As we explore ideas around culturally engaged, where might God be calling you to use your gifts and talents to serve and reach others?