The Birds and the Bees

Sexuality is not the easiest topic to talk about with my children. It is certainly not the most comfortable conversation to have, but it is essential.

In our sexual culture, I must embrace the topic without fear. I am not proposing a one-time monologue. I am talking about a conversation, a dialogue that begins in its simplest form when they are young and continues as they grow and mature.

This is much more than me sitting down and explaining “the birds and the bees” to them. We have six children. We have definitely discussed where babies come from. Sexuality is an umbrella topic that encompasses so much of life. It is more than just an explanation of a physical act. It includes topics of purity, safety, and even calling and purpose.  As the conversation begins, it can flow in almost limitless directions.

I do not want to awaken sexuality and its powerful desires before it is appropriate, but I also do not want to ignore the physical signs of development as each of my children grows and matures. As their bodies change and questions come up, I want to get out in front of the conversation. I want my children to hear the topic from me first. I do not want their introduction to come in some back room surrounded by peers. I want my children to know they can come to me to discuss any topic, especially sex.

God has given parents the job of guiding our young children through the land mines on the path toward godly sexuality.

Sexuality is such a powerful force. Who better for my children to learn about it than from their own parents, a loving mother and father married and committed to one another? If my husband and I are not able to discuss issues of sexuality with our children then I have to ask myself, who is? I do believe there are times where other trusted friends and family should add their voices to the conversation. Certainly, the church should be a valuable resource. God has provided all sorts of assistance, but the ultimate responsibility rests with parents.

God created us as sexual beings, and He called His creation good. It is the enemy who has twisted sexuality into something dirty. God has given parents the job of guiding our young children through the land mines that have been placed on the path toward a godly sexual life. Our enemy has been quite successful in his lies, but God is infinitely bigger.