That Old Flame

She just can’t seem to get that old flame out of her mind.  That relationship was so much more exciting than this one, she thinks.  Her husband is steady, but life has gotten boring and predictable.  Their sex life is ho-hum.  But that relationship…Wow! That was some great sex!

So she fantasizes and remembers how it felt to be in his arms.  What harm can it do?  She’s never going to see him again and her husband doesn’t have to know.  She knows it’s wrong.  She knows that other relationship was sinful, selfish, and did not honor God in any way.  But she can’t seem to stop the thoughts and images parading through her mind.   Honestly, she doesn’t really want to stop them.  On the one hand she wants to be a good Christian wife, but she’s drawing life from her past sin and it’s hard to let go.

Could this be the barrier that keeps her from having great sex with her husband?  She hasn’t thought of it like that before.  If she’s investing so much of herself in her memories and fantasies, does she really have anything left to share with the one God gave her as a lifelong mate?

She prays and asks the Lord to break the “soul ties” she created with this other man long ago.  She asks Jesus to help her “take every thought captive,” to remember that the allure of that old relationship is a lie.  She knows He has the power to free her from the sinful pattern she’s been in.  She is not defeated, for He has overcome!  She is trusting Him and choosing to renew her mind every day with His Word and His truth.

Are you stuck in a pattern of sexual sin?  Do you replay memories of previous lovers in your mind?  Is God calling you to break sinful “soul ties” you created with someone other than your husband?

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~Women’s Ministry Team