Searching For Praise

It all began innocently for Miriam.  She received a message on Facebook from an old crush that simply said, “Beautiful family.  You’re looking better than ever.”  It brought a smile and even some butterflies to get a compliment from this man who she’d so desperately hoped would notice her many years earlier.

She meant no disrespect towards her husband, but convinced herself that it would only be polite to respond back to her old friend.  The subtle flirting continued and she justified it by saying that it was just her personality and she was only catching up with an old friend.

Fortunately, Miriam had a godly friend who was brave enough to speak wisdom into her life and warn her of the dangerous path that she was on.  She could not be an ezer towards her husband if her emotions were wrapped up in receiving verbal praise from another man.  Her friend pointed out to her that she was being self-promoting by continuing to put herself out there in a desperate plea to garner attention from this former crush.  She failed to see that she had made an idol of affirmation and that no one was going to fill that void except Jesus.  Her efforts to feel beautiful could quickly lead down a slippery slope that would result in sexual sin and an adulterous relationship.  Her friend made her realize that she was flirting with temptation, and she needed to flee from sin and run to her Savior.

Psalm 139:14 encourages us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  If you feel desperate for attention, affirmation and compliments, be encouraged that you have received the greatest compliment of all!  You are seen as wonderful in the eyes of your Heavenly Father.

Are you seeking affirmation in all of the wrong places?  Do you need to be encouraged and reminded of how God sees you?  Are your efforts to receive praise hindering you from being an ezer? 

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~Women’s Ministry Team