Late Nights

She stays up late almost every night, telling herself she has chores to do, emails that need responses, and her favorite show to watch.  But really, she’s just avoiding a sexual encounter.

Their three small children hang on her all day and she has no energy or desire left for sex.  So instead of saying no, or discussing it with her husband, she just avoids the issue by trying to stay up later than he does!

Then her husband mentions how hard he is trying to direct all of his sexual energy towards her after going through the Quest for Purity series.  Through Ezer, she recognizes that her husband is designed by God to pursue while she is called by God to invite.  Self-protection and plain selfishness have gotten in the way of God’s plan for intimacy in her marriage.  She feels convicted.

It’s not easy, but with God’s help, she begins moving towards her husband and  focusing her sexual energy (what little she feels she has!) towards him.   As she talks to him about her struggle, that vulnerability opens communication between them.  Slowly, but surely, their sexual relationship is healing and growing.  And she feels so much better because she’s getting more sleep!

Have you tried to avoid your husband’s sexual advances?  Are you investing your sexual energy in things that draw you away from intimacy with your spouse?  When was the last time you shared your heart with your husband?

~Women’s Ministry Team