When God Writes Your Foster Care Story

Many Christians in the church mistakenly believe that one must be married in order to serve as a foster parent. But Carol Ann Denyer is shattering that misconception. As a single, young woman Carol Ann felt God prompting her to become a foster parent.

“A couple of years ago, God placed the confidence in my heart that I would be a foster parent one day. It wasn’t like a daydream. It was a very clear “you will foster” sort of experience. Then, that led to the daydreaming. In my dreams, the question was always, “Before bio children or after bio children?” Never,  “As a single or as a married?” The husband was just sort of a given! [God laughs.] I would foster one day, with my husband, either before or after my bio children–I like a good fifteen year plan. Then, in the spring of 2015, I learned from a friend, who I had let in on my daydream, that I didn’t have to be married to foster. All of a sudden, the dam surrounding my dreams was lifted and the fight to foster poured out.”

Many women often equate biblical femininity with being a wife, believing that they aren’t able to fully live their purpose until they are married. But this is simply not so. The Lord calls us as women to first and foremost live out our calling as an Ezer regardless of our marital status. For Carol Ann, she has found purpose and mission in fostering vulnerable children. She is living out her calling as an Ezer by choosing to boldly and courageously step out of her own comfort in order to give of her time, energy, strength, and resources to nurture a vulnerable and needy child.

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