Thank You from Allendale Elementary

Check out some recent hand-written letters by 4th and 5th graders from Allendale Elementary School students after their trip to Charleston, sponsored by Grace Church. Click Here to check out some pictures from this trip.

Through your partnership with Grace Church we were able to help provide this trip for students in Allendale County.¬† If you would like to help contribute to upcoming trips both here in the Upstate and Allendale, check out this year’s opportunity to Adopt-A-Child.

Dear Church Family,

I’m writing to thank you for sponsoring our school field trip. We had fun going to historical Charleston, South Carlina. We saw Boone Hall Plantion and Capers Island. A new word we learned was scat. Scat means sea creature’s poop. The birds were trying to take our food. We ate a hot dog and a hamburger each. Dolphins were swimming all about. On our way to Boone Hall Plantation we watched Sherck. It was fun.

Boone Hall was magnificent. We learned about the Gullah religion. Gullah people were slaves also. They had a Praise House where they praised the Lord. We went to a Pavillion that sold ice cream. We also went inside the Master’s house. The tour guide told us we couldn’t go upstairs or sit on the furniture. We learned a lot.

You can conclude that we had a good time. We really had a good time. I really thank you. I was going to cry. We really want to go to the next trip.

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for taking us on that magnifecent¬† trip. I want to go on another trip with you. If we do go on another trip I hope my other class mates can go. I’m glad I made one of the best pass scores and had good behavior. I am very thankful that I went. We learned more on that trip that we never new before exspecially at boon hall. I enjoyed Capers Island like when we saw the dolphins they were beautiful. I’ve never known shells can get up to that big. Remember that crab it looked like a jelly fish. At boon hall I liked when we learned about our ansestors and Gullah Gechey. That is how I’m thanking you.

Dear Church Family,

I heard about the things from the trip my friends went on. They said the trip was very fun. Next time you guys have a trip planned I hope I get to come on the trip. I heard my friends go tot see an Island on a ship and got ice cream from an ice cream shop called Pavillion. I hope I get to go to the zoo next time. If I go to a zoo I want to see monkeys, giraffes, lions, tigers, and other kinds of animals. I hope I see lots of animals that I don’t know about, and see really smart people who know about plenty of animals. Oh I hope I see a dolphin too. I really hope you know what I mean by seeing the animals.