Red Cross | Relief Update

More than two weeks after Hurricane Matthew battered the Southeast, thousands of people continue to rely on the Red Cross for critical relief.

Keep reading below for an update from the Red Cross on their relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. Your financial support of these efforts has made an impact! 

In hard-hit North Carolina, swollen rivers are at last receding. As residents return to communities that were underwater for days, the Red Cross is delivering meals, snacks and relief supplies, including cleanup kits to help families muck out flood-ravaged homes. Red Cross workers are also providing this support across storm-damaged areas in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

“We’re in the middle of a vast response, and our work is far from over,” said Brad Kieserman, vice president, Red Cross Disaster Operations and Logistics. “The Red Cross will be here as long as people need our help.”

Over 5,800 Red Cross volunteers and employees have mobilized a massive relief effort in these four states, where Matthew impacted thousands of homes.

Over 5,800 Red Cross volunteers and employees have mobilized a massive relief effort in these four states, where Matthew impacted thousands of homes. In addition to providing food and relief supplies for people who have lost so much, the Red Cross is continuing to shelter hundreds of people, and trained Red Cross caseworkers are meeting with affected residents to connect them with recovery resources to help them return to their daily lives.

The response to Hurricane Matthew in the U.S. is anticipated to cost between $24 million and $28 million. At present, the Red Cross has raised $8.1 million in designated donations and pledges for Hurricane Matthew—so the need for the public’s support still continues as the Red Cross helps the thousands of people still suffering.

This cost range includes the costs of providing food, shelter, blankets, cots, emotional support, health services, relief supplies and initial casework support, as well as some of the costs that make relief possible, including logistics, staff, and technology.

Storm survivors face many challenges as they begin to recover from Matthew’s devastation. With your support, the Red Cross will stand with them, working alongside our community and government partners to help them get back on their feet.

Response at a Glance
Over 1.3 million meals and snacks served.

Over 308,000 relief items distributed.

Over 100,000 overnight stays provided.

Over 5,800 Red Cross workers like John Stone (left) sprang into action to help people affected by Hurricane Matthew. The Red Cross mobilized 279 response vehicles, 25 partner-supported kitchens and truckloads of supplies to help thousands of people across the Southeast. The need is so great that, since Matthew first threatened the U.S., the Red Cross has provided more overnight shelter stays than after Superstorm Sandy. Our work is far from over, as people like Dorothy Locust (left) need food, relief supplies and support to recover.

‘They Really Treat Us Well’

Cathleen Williams is among the hundreds of people continuing to seek refuge at shelters since Hurricane Matthew struck earlier this month.

Red Cross volunteers have worked around the clock to provide people like Williams with a safe place to sleep, food, relief items and comfort, helping to ease distress caused by the storm.

“They really treat us well,” she said. “The volunteers are always looking for ways to help and make sure we have everything we need to get through the day. They are really a joy.”

How You Can Help

As a church body, we have the capacity to be far-reaching because the individuals in our church are willing to act. Ultimately, we are caring for our city and world through you. We are only as active and powerful and relevant in our city as you are. So when you are joining in the things we are doing as a church, you are our frontline. You are His hands and feet.