How we’re preparing for Hurricane Irma

A massive storm may hit our state and neighboring states early next week. We are preparing alongside local churches and organizations to meet the potential needs of friends, family, and neighbors. The uncertainty of the weather—from the intensity of a storm to the areas of impact—is difficult to plan for. Our goal is to be prepared so that we are able to act when and if the need arises.

As a church, we seek  to respond in ways that are intentional and effective in meeting both short and long term needs. You can read more about our commitment to disaster response in our Crisis Response Plan

You can personally be part of these readiness efforts in several ways:


Pray for the coast and the areas of potential landfall. Pray for our church leadership and staff as we make decisions regarding our response. Pray that shelter and safety will be made available for all who are in need.


You can choose to financially support organizations who have a long track record of disaster relief. Monetary donations enable these organizations to provide on-the-ground supplies based on current needs.

Organizations you can support: American Red CrossSamaritan’s PurseConvoy of HopeSend Relief (North American Mission Board)*


We are working alongside local churches to be ready to respond to immediate needs within our state. We are also communicating with relief organizations to assess needs for long-term rebuilding.

Stay in the Loop 

Once we better know the extent of the need and the response, we will work with organizations to address needs. You can be added to our crisis response communication list here.

We want to faithfully respond to the needs of those nearest to us, as well as care for those who have experienced crisis, long after their immediate needs have been met, through rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts.

We  hope to be more than ready to meet potential needs and respond by showing hospitality and care to those who need it.

*Please evaluate the effectiveness and credibility of any organization before you give: