Meet some of Greenville’s Young Entrepreneurs

This summer, 14 teens will be working with Mill Community Ministries learning entrepreneurship and life skills through project based learning.

Mill Community Ministries is a collection of social entrepreneurs working to develop communities for success in Greenville, South Carolina.

Our mission is to unite with God’s vision for individual life change and holistic transformation of under-resourced communities. Nasha Lending and Mill Village Farms are working together with teens in the Greenville community.

The teens will be divided into 4 teams with each group tackling a different project. The teams will work throughout the summer to create a business plan, design a product, and test and market the product. At the end of the summer, the teams will compete for a grand prize.

The purpose of the class is to not only to finish a project, but learn to think creatively about their community. Students learn to find problems, create solutions, and test their ideas. The teams also learn skills like public speaking through through weekly presentations.

Individuals can go online to to learn more about the projects and donate to support their favorite project!

Meet the teams


IMG_6813Team Bread Winnerz

The Bread Winnerz will be working to develop a joint product with Banana Manna and Mill Village Farms. They must create a product that can be used by both businesses. Be sure to stop by the Mill Village Mobile Market throughout the Summer you may be able to taste the work in progress!



IMG_6782Team Frepair


Team Frepair (Free-Repair) will be designing and building a bike repair station to be used in the West End. They will be working in conjunction with the Village Wrench to create a workable design and build a sustainable bike repair station.



IMG_6833Team Village Fashion

The Village Fashion team will be designing and printing a t-shirt to be used for marketing purposes for one of the Mill Community Ministries programs. They will be working in conjunction with the teens at GOAT (you may know them as our first teen entrepreneurs) to print the shirts. If you stop by one of the Mill Village Mobile Markets then you may be able to order a shirt before they’re released…



IMG_6788Team Cook It Up

Team Cook It Up will be creating a delicious, budget friendly, and healthy recipe using products grown and harvest by the teens at one of the Mill Village Farms. The recipe and packaged items will be sold on the Mill Village Mobile Market throughout the Summer. The teens will also be conducting live cooking demonstrations and sampling to test their recipes. Be sure to stop by and give your vote!