Hurricane Harvey | Ways to Respond

The devastation in Houston this past week has been difficult to watch. With so many ways to help, we want to share a handful of opportunities for our church family to get involved.

Keep the Long Term in Mind

Natural disasters create needs and suffering that must be addressed in phases. Social media and the news cycle will keep Houston at the forefront of our news feeds and conversations during this initial time of need. The importance of quick response and relief is immeasurable and saves lives. However, we must also remember that long-term rehabilitation and rebuilding will be needed. It is our hope that we can remain faithful to Houston and its people long after our news feeds have fallen silent. 

Find Ways to Respond

Please consider ways you can respond to current needs and intentionally plan to contribute to the long-term.


Pray for those in Houston who have lost homes, friends, and family members. Pray for those who are currently in need of relief. Pray for mental and spiritual health and healing over the coming months and years.

Pray for the organizations and churches who are responding to this crisis. Pray for the good stewardship of the funds raised. Pray that the church will be strengthened and that the message of the gospel will give hope.

Pray for the long-term rebuilding efforts that will be needed. Pray for the faithfulness and stamina of organizations, churches, and their volunteers to keep caring for Houston.  


Giving financially can make a significant difference. There are many needs surrounding relief which include food, clothing, and shelter. There will also be needs down the road to rebuild homes, businesses, and city infrastructures.

Financially supporting relief organizations enables them to do what they do best. Organizations like the ones listed below are equipped with the infrastructure and the experience to best respond to current and ongoing needs in the wake of a disaster.

Making monetary donations to these organizations is often more helpful than collecting and sending supplies. Distribution can be challenging and ineffective. Donations empower organizations to make event-specific decisions and directly provide the resources most needed.

RELIEF | Give to the Red Cross as they provide for immediate needs.

REHABILITATION | Give to Samaritan’s Purse as they provide counseling and make plans for rebuilding efforts alongside local churches.



Those who can should consider traveling to Houston to volunteer in the coming weeks and months. Samaritan’s Purse will be sending teams to help clear debris, tear out damaged portions of homes, and tarp roofs.


We do not have to pray about whether God wants us to help those in need. Whether through prayer, giving, or volunteering, or some combination of those, we hope you will join us in showing the love of Christ through our response.