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Take the Good News- to the ends of the earth. This was Jesus’ command to his followers as He left the earth. And this is the responsibility of the people of God today.

Tuesday evening, we had the opportunity to join in a conversation with German church leaders, Stephan and Bodo. We considered the implications that a changing culture bring to the way that we share our faith. We were challenged to identify our own context as one that is growing farther from the familiarity of Christian religion. 

How do we communicate the foundational truths of our faith? 

How do we interact with the idea of truth in today’s world? 

What opportunities do we have for the Gospel to move forward?


The reality is each of us are missionaries. We have been placed in this specific place and time for a purpose. We have been sent on mission, and we must begin to think like missionaries do. We must learn how to think well about our context. We must learn to pray for missional opportunities as we live in relationships. 


Didn’t make it to the event? Watch it here.


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Watch Missional | Germany



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Watch Missional | Mark Moody 





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