A Fresh Perspective

Over the past few months, I have heard many great things about the OVC Kenya program.  However, my experience with the program was purely superficial.  I only knew how many advocates and children there were, the amount of money necessary to support a child, and other facts about the program.

The OVC Kenya Advocacy Gathering on Monday night helped shed some light on my perspective.  I had the chance to meet many of the current advocates, and this gave me  the opportunity to witness their excitement when they watched a video of the children and to hear concern that they had for these children as they engaged in conversation with Megan and Brian.


 Now I see the OVC Kenya program as more than just an area to give money; it gives people the ability to make long-term investments in these children’s lives.


Rather than being stuck in the cycle of generational poverty, these children now have the ability to receive an education and to someday find jobs where they can support themselves and their families.

The story of one boy stands out to me. He began the OVC Kenya program years ago, and now he a successful entrepreneur and is currently giving back by supporting a child himself.  The goal is not just to funnel money into a troubled system, but instead to show the children their potential and enable them to escape a life of poverty so they can have the ability to make a difference.


-Eric Williamson, Cultor House