Sermon Recap | The Life of David | David & God’s Faithfulness

Once David is made King of Israel, God reveals the sovereign movement and direction taking place over David’s life. As he recognizes the piece he is playing in God’s redemptive plan, David is driven to humility and worship. He is shocked by the weight of God’s mercy and the faithfulness He promises for David’s throne. David’s life is much bigger than a season of kingship; he is instead the beginning of a throne that will reign forever through Jesus Christ.


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1. God mercifully took David from a field tending sheep and swept him up into His plan. In what ways has God’s mercy been displayed through your life? How can you show mercy to those around you?
2. If you rightfully understand the massive gap between God’s holiness and your sinfulness, t you are able to have a healthy dependence on God — which leads to hope. If you think of yourself as too close to God’s holiness, you put too much hope and trust in yourself — which leads to despair. How have you seen this play out in your life? How have you trusted yourself instead of God?
3. God is merciful to His people–He comes to us while we are in rebellion. His faithfulness covers our weakness. How have you seen God’s faithfulness cover your weakness? How does His faithfulness enable you to put your hope and confidence in Him?
4. God doesn’t need us to perform for Him or earn His favor. This is the difference between living as a slave or living as a son. How are you living as a slave? What are you a slave to? How are you living as a son?
5. We should be overwhelmed with what God has done and is doing in the world and in our lives. Is there any part of you that is overwhelmed with God’s mercy and faithfulness? Are you startled by the disparity between you and God, or do you feel like you’ve earned His favor?

Thoughts to Consider

-Your salvation doesn’t mean your transformation is complete. Because of God’s faithfulness, we are always in a state of “becoming.”
-The cross is the effect of God’s covenant relationship with David. What happens at the cross has been in development, and part of God’s redemptive plan, for thousands of years. We have been grafted into this plan along with David. This should drive us to humility and worship.
-God’s mercy and faithfulness are two different things. God is merciful to David in rescuing him, and is faithful in fulfilling His promises to him.
God meets us where we are and draws us to our Savior. He takes us out of darkness and rescues us.
God comes through and carries out His promises. As believers, our lives count on His faithfulness to transform us into into His likeness. >
-God’s discipline should not drive us to fear. Instead, it should affirm our relationship with Him.
-We can’t out-give God. Our ounce of faithfulness returns a pound of faithfulness from Him. It’s in God’s nature to be dramatically more faithful than us.
-It is healthy to recognize the vast disparity between us and God. If we worship little, it is because we fail to understand how broken, sinful, and lowly we are and how high, lofty, and grand God is.