Sermon Recap | Hebrews | Once for All

Last week, we were reminded of the access to God that we have through Jesus; our need for access is met in Jesus and no longer in the tabernacle. Although the forgiveness of sins used to come through the sacrifice of animals again and again, this access we now have is confirmed with the blood sacrifice of Jesus—once for all. We are released from the penalty of sin as Jesus has presented us to God as clean and holy.


Scripture References

Hebrews 9:15-28
Hebrews 10:1-18


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Revelation 5:13 • Matthew 6:19-23 • Romans 12:1

Christ Our Savior | Grace Church Worship

In Christ Alone | Kristian Stanfil | iTunes
Jude 1:24-25 • Philippians 3:7-11 • Acts 4:8-12 • Romans 8:38-39

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Romans 12:1 • James 4:10

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John 9:35-39 • Psalm 71:14 • Psalm 149:4


1. God works on us from the inside to produce fruit in us on the outside. Is God’s law inside of you, written on your heart? Do you experience conflict between your flesh and the Holy Spirit living inside of you? Where in your life are you are gaining new beliefs, new perspectives, and new desires?

2. If you are a Christian, guilt and shame have been dealt with once for all. Our public baptism and participation in communion reveal our desperate brokenness and complete inability to do anything about it on our own, but Jesus frees us from any guilt and shame over that brokenness, allowing us to be transparent with others and point them to the same Savior. Are you carrying around the unnecessary weight of guilt and shame for some past sin? What does this say about your belief in the sufficiency of the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for you?

3. The Ruler of the Universe died for you as the ultimate and final sacrifice for your sins. If you are living a life in rebellion, and you know all that you have done, is there anything about this truth that is compelling to you? What step can you take to respond to the stirring in your heart that Jesus has provided a final covering for your sin?

4. As believers, we have been held in bondage by sin and are now released by Jesus. Are you a person who releases others and is characterized by the kindness Jesus has shown to you? If you are not, how can you be working to be the kind of person who frees other people?

Thoughts to Consider:

– The tabernacle was a dim copy of what is already in Heaven.

– If you are in Christ, your sins have already been judged on the cross. For the person who has not put their hope in Christ, judgment day is coming with Jesus’ return.

– There is a dual reality in our salvation: we have been judged not guilty and have been made perfect in God’s sight—judgment day has already happened; yet we are also being made perfect by the Spirit’s work in our earthly lives through sanctification.

– As believers, we were removed from the penalty of sin when we trusted Jesus for salvation, in the present we are removed from the power of sin, and one day in Heaven we will be removed from the presence of sin.

– Because Jesus satisfied the justice God required for our sin, there is no longer anything for Him to remember.