Sermon Recap | Hebrews | The Unshakable Kingdom

The writer of Hebrews continues to warn us not to drift. In order to persevere until the end, we need to have clear direction in our walk of faith, powerful affections toward Jesus, and a healthy combination of fear and hope. The kingdom God has promised us can never be shaken, which should prompt us to respond with gratitude and worship.


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1. Bill White explained that your salvation is not about your confidence in your sincerity at a certain point in your past. Is there anything that you are putting your trust in rather than the person and work of Jesus—a prayer prayed, an aisle walked, a baptism, a confirmation class, a “good” life, a godly heritage, etc?  If you claim to be a believer, how is your life marked by a daily pursuit of Jesus?

2. We are called to look after one another spiritually, recognizing that the Christian life is meant to be experienced in a community of accountability. Are you trusting God’s work in your life enough to recognize the need to “tell on yourself?” When you know you need to confess, who are the people in your life that you go to?

3. Esau was so short-sighted that he gave away God’s promise to him in exchange for one meal. What fleeting pleasures tempt you to trade in the benefits of a life of faith? What truths do you need to preach to yourself in those moments of temptation?

4. The writer of Hebrews uses powerful, emotional language to describe the transition from the fear of the old covenant to the joy and grace that marks the new covenant. What captivates your imagination and engages your emotions in moments of quiet? What consequences can result from having your affections captured by things other than Jesus?

Thoughts to Consider

-Just as the Israelites wandered in the desert and fell short of seeing the promised land because of disobedience, we too can wander through our lives, valuing the invaluable,  and miss out on God’s best for us.

-Under the old system, the blood of Abel cried out from the ground for vengeance against his offenders. Under the new system, the blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness for all who are willing to receive it.

-Fear is an essential part of our spirituality, but we have hope because we have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

-If those who rejected Moses received judgment, how much more will those who reject Jesus be judged? We trust ourselves far too much and must be careful that we don’t drift.