Sermon Recap | Hebrews | The Humble High Priest

In Hebrews 4:14-5:10, the author is describing to us how Jesus is our “mega” high priest. Jesus was made high priest by God and He charted a path to God that was marked by His suffering, sacrifice, and obedience. Jesus is like us in all of our weaknesses, yet without sin. Since He is able to sympathize with our weakness and is our source of eternal salvation, we can hold on to our confession of faith and approach the throne of grace with boldness.


The Name of Jesus Christ | Grace Church Worship | iTunes
Philippians 2:6-11 • Isaiah 45:22-23

All Creatures of Our God and King | David Crowder Band | iTunes
Psalm 66:1 • Psalm 148 • Luke 19:40

Holy is the One | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Philippians 2:7-11• Isaiah 6:3

Once For All | CityAlight | iTunes

What a Savior | Hillsong Worship | iTunes
John 9:35-39 • Psalm 71:14 • Psalm 149:4

Jesus Paid it All | Kristian Stanfill | iTunes
Romans 6:22-23


1. The role of a priest in the Old Testament is a mediator between the people and God. Because we so highly value autonomy and independence in our culture today, many of us are not accustomed to thinking how desperately we need a mediator instead of handling everything ourselves. How do you view the role of a priest? Is that something you grew up understanding or is it something foreign to you? How does your understanding help or hinder your view of Jesus as your High Priest?
2. Sometimes we don’t hold tightly to our faith because we have become disoriented or discouraged. We have to be on guard and let others speak into our lives during these seasons because we will be prone to temptation. When have you been in a season of disorientation that led to temptation? What do you need to remember about who Jesus is so that you can re-center your heart in the middle of this season?
3. Jesus’ prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane reveal his struggle and temptation to doubt the Father’s goodness, however he relied on the Holy Spirit and trusted in the good intentions of the Father. In what circumstances of your life are you wrestling with believing the good intentions of God, and how can you respond well?
4. Hebrews instructs us to boldly approach the throne. What does it mean to “approach the throne of grace with boldness”? How are we “flippant” in approaching God? Has there been a time where you were bold in approaching the throne of grace? What keeps you from coming to His throne with boldness?
5. We can often doubt God’s faithfulness or His ability to cover our sin. We act like children in our dealings with God and refuse to accept the comfort and hope He offers to us. Do you truly believe that what Jesus did for you is good enough for God? Are you acting like a child who has to come to God on his or her own terms? How are your attempts at self-improvement hindering your understandin

Thoughts to Consider

– Jesus is just like us in all of our weakness, but without sin. In every way that we are tempted, He was tempted. He is intimately acquainted with the weaknesses we experience.
– Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament—we can trust Him to be the One and only great high priest.
– To qualify as the One who could die for us, Jesus had to learn obedience, endure temptation, trust and know the Scriptures, rely on the Spirit, and depend on the good intentions of the Father in the same way we do.