Sermon Recap | Hebrews | A Call to Persevere

The Christian life is marked by faithful endurance produced by confidence and trust in Jesus. We are able to love others and suffer well through the painful situations of our fragile world because we look forward to the hope and promise of our future reward in Heaven. Through pushing forward in serving others and motivating and encouraging those around us, we persevere and hold firmly to this hope we have in Jesus.


Scripture Reference:
Hebrews 10:19-39


Found | Austin Stone Worship
Philippians 3:8-9 • 1 Corinthians 15:43 • Colossians 3:3  • Matthew 10:39

Christ Our Savior | Grace Church Worship

Trust You | Aaron Keyes | iTunes
Galatians 1:15 • Jeremiah 9:23-24 • Isaiah 26:4

Sovereign Over Us | Aaron Keyes | iTunes
Genesis 50:20 • Jeremiah 29:11 • Isaiah 55:8-9 • Romans 8:28

O Praise the Name | Hillsong Worship | iTunes

I Will Look Up | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Psalm 57:7-11 • Psalm 121:1-2 •Isaiah 26:1-8 • 2 Samuel 22:26-31


1. Holding tightly to our faith is acted out by serving others. We all need others to encourage us in how to serve, move, use our money, make life decisions, and challenge us. Stop and think about the people around you: is there a contribution you can make to those around you to stir them to love? What is a specific way in which you can encourage and motivate someone around you this week?

2. Matt shared that he personally needs others to care for him in ways that are specific to him. In what areas of your life are you predisposed to have needs and weaknesses where you need others to care for you? In what specific ways could those around you motivate, encourage, or challenge you?

3. We won’t always receive something when meeting together with fellow believers; we need to come into community with the mindset of bringing something to it. What are you bringing to church or to your community group when you show up to meet with others? In what ways have you been a giver or a taker in your community?

4. Once again this is a warning passage where the writer of Hebrews is calling us to check our souls. If persevering in faith is a struggle for you right now, and you are wanting to quit, you have to ask yourself why–we have to dig into our souls instead of staying on the surface. Ask yourself: Am I not remembering the great reward? Am I disappointed or angry because God isn’t showing up the way I want Him to? Or am I incrementally being drawn away by sin? How can you reorient your thinking to remember the reward that is coming, and allow your confidence in that truth to be revealed in faithful living?

Thoughts to Consider:

– Our guilty consciences have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood: This spiritual and physical imagery is a representation of the work that God does for us in conforming us into His likeness.

– If you reject the one sacrifice, Jesus, that can cover your sin, there is no cover for you.

– The fullness of God’s character includes His gift of salvation as well as His righteous judgment. Would we want a God who is at peace with evil? If there no condemnation, there is nothing to be saved from.

– “When Christ is my hope, he becomes the one thing in which I have confidence. I act on his wisdom and bank on his grace. I trust his promises and I rely on his presence. And I pursue all the good things that he has promised me simply because I trust him. So, I am not manipulating, controlling, or threatening my way through life to get what I want, because I have found what I want in Christ. He is my hope.” –Paul Tripp, A Quest for More