Sermon Recap | Exodus | Sovereignty in Bleak Circumstances

Often we find ourselves in seasons where we feel far from the work that God is doing. In Exodus 2, Moses’ circumstances leave him in a foreign land with a new family and far away from everything he had ever known. In what appears to be a season that lacks Kingdom work, we find that God is perfectly orchestrating and working through the intricate details of Moses’ life to bring redemption to His people.


Great and Mighty King | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Psalm 47:6-8 • Revelation 5:11-14 • Isaiah 6:1-3 • Daniel 11:3

I Will Look Up | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Psalm 57:7-11 • Psalm 121:1-2 •Isaiah 26:1-8 • 2 Samuel 22:26-31

Trust You | Aaron Keyes | iTunes
Galatians 1:15 • Jeremiah 9:23-24 • Isaiah 26:4

Sovereign Over Us | Aaron Keyes | iTunes
Genesis 50:20 • Jeremiah 29:11 • Isaiah 55:8-9 • Romans 8:28

In Your Presence | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Psalm 16:11 • Deuteronomy 31:6 • Romans 8:31-34

Seas Of Crimson | Bethel Music | iTunes
Isaiah 53:4-5 • Matthew 26:28 • Revelation 12:11


1. Exodus 2:9 marks the moment when Moses’ circumstances turn from crisis to blessing. The author wants us to know that God is watching—God is still providing and remains faithful. Life is happening on two tracks; there is blessing, but there is also struggle. In the midst of difficult circumstances, what is a marker that God has provided to show you that He is still at work? When is a moment you can point to that God made it clear that He is there and watching?

2. Moses has been living in both the Hebrew world and in Pharoah’s world, uniquely positioning him to have an impact on God’s kingdom. Building credibility in our world outside of church enables us to  have credibility in spiritual conversations as well. In what ways have you felt the tension between your life outside the church and your spiritual life? How do your everyday circumstances offer the opportunity to actually leverage credibility for spiritual conversations? How have you been uniquely positioned for Kingdom work in the midst of the mundane?

3. Moses felt a need to journey away from his own comfort and towards the Kingdom cause of sharing in the oppression of the Hebrews. Is there a Kingdom cause to which you feel called but have not yet done anything about? What next step do you need to take towards the cause and away from comfort?

4. In Exodus 2:15, we see that Moses is now without a country; he is a foreigner in a foreign land. But even in these unfamiliar circumstances—God is doing something. God is dislodging Moses from areas of comfort in order to change him and  use him in a greater way. In what challenging situation has God put you in the past in order to use you in a greater way? How did He change you? If you are in the challenging season now, are you trusting that God has a sovereign, greater plan for you? How is He changing you now?

Thoughts to Consider:

– God is not overly concerned with our comfort; He uses our discomfort to prepare us for circumstances in His perfect timing.

– Exodus 2 is the beginning of God delivering His people—this deliverance is not based on who we are and our faithfulness, but on who God is and His faithfulness.

– God is ever-present and faithful in His promises. It’s in His nature.

– Jesus went to the cross alone. We are completely vulnerable with nothing to offer and must trust completely in Him. The fact that the whole covenant rests on Him alone is a comfort to those who trust in Him.