Sermon Recap | Exodus | The Law and the Heart

The Ten Commandments instruct us to be set apart. We are to be a distinct people, living righteously and letting God reach people through us; a life set apart demonstrates a proper fear of Him and a humble response to His direction for our life.


Center My Life | Austin Stone Worship | Spotify
Revelation 5:13 • Matthew 6:19-23 • Romans 12:1

Nobody Like You | Red Rocks Worship | Spotify
Psalm 33:6-7 • Exodus 15:11 • Phil 2:5-11

Worthy of it All | Grace Church Worship | Spotify
Psalm 51:16-17 • Psalm 139:23-24 • Amos 5:21-24 • Psalm 19:12-14

Came to My Rescue | Hillsong Worship | Spotify
Psalm 17:6 • Psalm 81:7

This We Know | Vertical Church Worship | Spotify
Psalm 3 • Isaiah 55:8-9 • Hebrews 10:23


1. The commandment to not commit adultery means keeping our vows to our spouse and filling any void we feel with God instead of the intoxication of sin. The level of exhilaration that we may feel over our sin is not a validation that it is a good thing—it is actually an indicator of the depth of the void. What type of sin is intoxicating you? What does it reveal about the void in your soul?

2. Adultery has far-reaching impact on more than just the guilty party. How have you been affected by adultery in your life or in the lives of those around you? How can we overcome the wounds of adultery? What boundaries can you put in place to protect yourself from temptation in this area?

3. The sin of coveting is not being content with what God has given you and not recognizing Him as your personal provider. What possessions, talents, etc. do your friends possess that you covet? How does jealousy stir up unappreciation or discontent for what God has done in your life? How can you shift that way of thinking and root out envy?

4. God desires for us to stay set apart for Him. As believers in Christ, we are to look like a distinct group of people, not using reaching people as an excuse to sin. We will not reach others for Christ if we are living an ungodly lifestyle. In what ways do your daily actions mirror the world in an unbiblical way? When have you used reaching people as an excuse to sin? What does it look like for you to be willing to obey whatever the consequences—whether drawing others to Christ or alienating them from yourself? How can you interact with culture while still making yourself distinct and set apart?

5. We need to be a group of people who can receive truth, search our souls, and respond by turning away from our sin and towards God. These are the kinds of lives that influence others for Christ. In what specific ways have you heard truth and responded this week? How has the way that others respond to truth influenced your own life?

Thoughts to Consider:

– If you are rationalizing your sin because of a desire for a “fresh start”—remember that a fresh start means that you still have to take you with you. You are the common denominator in your own history, which means you have to deal with the root of sin before starting fresh.

– Lying creates an unstable culture. In Christian community, we often violate this commandment by not loving each other enough to tell each other the truth in real time. Instead, we are self-protective and withhold the truth from each other until the offenses build up and become more destructive.

– Both stealing and coveting reveal a heart that is not trusting in God as our personal provider.

– Through the giving of these commandments, God displays a kind of power to the Israelites that they have never experienced before. It creates fear in them as they gain a correct perspective of the gap between God and people.

– The Israelites become disoriented as they recognize that their own perspective of reality and plans are an illusion; they tremble at the realization that they are entirely out of control. In the same way, we must have a healthy fear of God as we are disrupted by His greatness, lift our eyes, and move to a place of obedience in following Him.