Sermon Recap | Exodus | God Reveals Himself

In Exodus 3, God reveals Himself to Moses in the midst of obscurity. Although Moses’ circumstances are seemingly bleak, God asserts Himself as bigger than the moment while at the same time personally engaged with Moses’ life. Although the timeline of Moses’ life appears to be a lot of waiting, God has been actively working in the background.


Our Great God | NewSpring Worship | iTunes
1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 • Deuteronomy 31:8 • Psalm 118:5-16

This We Know | Vertical Worship | iTunes

Son of Man | Grace Church Worship
Matthew 26-27 • Isaiah 53

Yahweh | Hillsong Live | iTunes
Exodus 3:14-15

Worthy, Worthy | Vertical Worship | iTunes
Revelation 5:12 • 1 Chronicles 16:25 • Psalm 146


1. It is in a place of obscurity, or unknown circumstances, that God reveals Himself to Moses. How has God revealed Himself in obscure places in your own life? What obscure circumstances are you in right now where God could be working in the background?

2. Moses is captivated, curious, engaged, and in awe of God. In what way do these words describe or not describe your experience with God? What is one practical way you can move towards spending captivated time with Him? Are there any distractions you could eliminate to better recognize God’s presence see the work that He is doing?

3. John 3:16 says, “For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” God didn’t come to curse the world and bless the Jewish people. He offered His body up on our behalf—for the entire world—for both the Jews and the Gentiles. He is so willing to bless us that he became a man to be cursed so that we could be blessed. Do you believe that God is willing to deliver you from what oppresses you? How does this alter your perspective on your current circumstances?

4. When God “delivers” us from difficult circumstances it often starts with us obeying the things He has told us to do. Often God uses our community and those around us to deliver us. When has God worked through another person or situation to bless you or answer one of your prayers? How would the situation have turned out if you were isolated and not in community? Are you waiting on God to instantly remove a sin from your life, or use someone else to help you do this, when you really just need to obey?

Thoughts to Consider

– God is at the same time both transcendent (beyond all restraints) and personal (present with us); He is bigger than our problems while also able to interact with us while in the midst of them.

– God is so attentive to us and our suffering that His ears are always attuned to our cries.

– God responds to Moses’ questions with His name, “I am who I am”. He assures Moses that He will be with him and that He is the God who doesn’t need anything and will prove to the Egyptians that He is the self-existent One. The most significant things for us to know are: Do I have God’s presence or not, and do I trust that God cares and can handle my problems?

– God reminds us through Communion that He is so committed to blessing us that He becomes a consumable for us so that we are not consumed with sin.

– God’s plan is to  work through means. He will use His Word or someone who represents Him. If God is going to work, it will often happen through Him doing something through you doing something that you are uncomfortable doing.