Sermon Recap | Exodus | Discouragement & Disbelief

Through the obedience of Moses and Aaron, we are reminded that obeying God does not guarantee that things will get easier for us. We trust in a God who is sovereign and bigger than short-term suffering; His plans exceed our momentary affliction.


Scripture References

Exodus 4:29-31
Exodus 5:1-23


I See the Lord | Vertical Worship | iTunes

This I Believe | Hillsong Worship | iTunes
1 Corinthians 15 • John 3:16 • Romans 1:16-17 • Hebrews 1

Our God Will Come | Village Church Worship
Isaiah 35:3-5

This We Know | Vertical Worship | iTunes

Hope of the World | Hillsong Live | iTunes
Romans 5:1-3 • Ephesians 2:11-13 • Psalm 33:20-22


1. We have a tendency to rewrite the terms of how we think God should be serving us instead of seeking out how we can serve Him. In what ways have you expected God to serve you? What expectations do you have of God that He hasn’t actually promised you He would fulfill? What is your response when these expectations aren’t met?

2. When Moses and Aaron obeyed God in confronting Pharaoh, the Israelites’ circumstances got worse. In what situations has your obedience to God resulted in your suffering? If you have felt abandoned or frustrated as a result, what does this say about your motives for obeying Him?

3. When difficult situations arise in our lives, we struggle to see that God is sovereign, in control, and always working for our good. What situations are you currently facing (or have faced in the past) in which you need to look past the people or circumstances involved and ask God how this unique situation might be tailored to your weakness, character growth, or rebellion? In what specific ways can you learn and grow from this?

Thoughts to Consider:

– When God acts, it is our responsibility to align ourselves with Him and respond in worship—when He moves, we respond.

– Our journey along the way encompases most of what God is doing in our lives. When we encounter a difficult circumstance or season, the path of moving through that season is what God uses to shape us into His image.

– “Losing” is a hopeful reminder that God is still the Gatekeeper. He is in charge, and we are not; we cannot make something happen for us. It should be a comfort and encouragement to know that there is a sovereign, loving God in charge.

– If you are in a difficult season and asking, “How can I trust a God who makes me suffer?”, you can be confident in the fact that God is a God who you can trust because He did suffer—He suffered in your place.

– Jesus went to the cross in obedience; the more He obeyed, the more He suffered. Out of that obedience, and out of that suffering, came eternal life for us.