Sermon Recap | Exodus | A Call to Justice

Obeying God’s commands produces freedom, not bondage, and brings life, not death; they are refreshing to the soul and give joy to those who follow Him. As we walk in obedience to Him and surrender to His direction and guidance, we are able to love others well—even our enemies.


You Reign | Grace Church Worship | iTunes
Psalm 146 • Psalm 47:5-9 • 1 Chronicles 29:10-20

Great and Mighty King | Elevation Church Worship | iTunes
Psalm 47:6-8 • Revelation 5:11-14 • Isaiah 6:1-3, Daniel 11:3

Christ Our Savior | Grace Church Worship
lamentations 3:21-26 • Eph. 2 • Psalm 2:6-7

Song of Moses | Aaron Keyes| iTunes
Revelation 15:3 • Exodus 15:1-3, 18 • Psalm 28:7

The Rock Won’t Move | Vertical Church Worship| iTunes
Psalm 62:5-8 • 1 Peter 2:4-8 • 2 Samuel 22:47 • Matthew 7:24-27 • Psalm 18:2

O Praise the Name | Hillsong Worship| iTunes
Matthew 27-28 • 1 Corinthians 15 • Revelation 7

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1. The way we love others tells us how much we love God. In what areas of your life are you characterized by selfishness instead of love for others? Would those around you characterize your words about others as constructive or empty? How do you need to redirect your focus from yourself to caring for others?

2. How does our response to our “enemies” reflect our relationship with Christ? Identify one “enemy” of yours, or someone you feel competitive with, and elaborate on one way you can serve him or her without expectation of anything in return.

3. Do you see God’s Word with the perspective of Psalm 19:7-11? In your own life, have you seen His instructions as good or as bondage? How does surrendering to and obeying God’s instructions actually produce freedom rather than bondage? How have you seen this in your own life?

4. Because God’s character is rooted in justice, we are called to be just. When justice and truth are absent, there is no true love. In what area of your life do you need to speak truth to someone? How can you speak justice and truth out of love?


Thoughts to Consider

– Because of our brokenness, we need two things: a new heart and truth from outside of ourselves for how to live.

– Justice should be our goal because God’s character is about truth and justice.

– Sabbath is not just for our own rest and ceasing but for the good of others. When we take a sabbath, we are able to manage our lives in a way that creates margin to bless others.

– Loving our enemies and doing good to them is so countercultural, and can feel so uncomfortable. The uneasiness we may feel is a reminder to us that we are to be set apart from culture.

– All 613 laws and the Ten Commandments can be summarized into two commands: love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40).