Sermon Recap | Ephesians | Gifted for Growth

We all identify with something, and often it is something that is insignificant. We have been given the unique opportunity to build the body of Christ, to be a part of something truly meaningful. The world experiences Christ through the spiritual gifts lived out through believers. Spiritual gifts are bestowed on us at the moment of salvation, however, many believers are either unaware of their gifts or are underserving in their area of giftedness. Spiritual gifts are for the edification of the church, not for self-service.


Suggestions for Studying Ephesians During the Series:

1. Read daily passages along with NLT or ESV study Bible.
2. Read the whole book in one sitting once a week for the remainder of the series.
3. Listen to the whole book in one sitting once a week for the remainder of the series.

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Scripture References

Ephesians: 4:7-16
1 Corinthians 12
Romans 12


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– If we are in Christ, then we have at least one spiritual gift. Are you aware of your gifting? In what ways are you developing that gift? If you are not aware of your spiritual gifts, what can you do to become aware of the unique way God has equipped you?
-Who do you serve, or what impact do you have, so that if you were to leave Grace Church, the church body would suffer?
– Our spiritual gifts are intended to bless others, not ourselves. But, there is a part of serving that allows you to experience movement in your own life and reminds you that God is real. How have you experienced change in your life as a result of serving God’s people?

Thoughts to Consider

-We tend to over identify with insignificant things and under identify with things God designed us to be a part of. Our participation in the local church, using the gifts God has given us, allows us to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves, something significant.
-Jesus can love and serve His people through our serving and using the gifts He’s given us—God’s people doing God’s work.
-When we come to faith and the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us, we are given spiritual gifts. We don’t have to do anything to receive them.
-Using our gifts not only builds up the body of believers but it’s also a path to our discipleship–the Scriptures become alive and we become teachable when we serve.
-We tend to prioritize family time over taking time to serve in our local church. Family isn’t the most important thing in our lives. There’s a higher cause to focus on. The church transcends family and your kids need the church body to care for them and teach them.