Sermon Recap | Engage | Creator, Revealer, Redeemer

God reveals Himself to a world that doesn’t recognize Him, He redeems a world that is too bound by sin to hear what He is saying, and He extends hospitality to a people who are too broken to notice Him. How are you engaging others in the same way that God engages you?


Overcome | Elevation Worship | iTunes

Great and Mighty King | Elevation Worship | iTunes
Psalm 47:6-8 • Revelation 5:11-14 • Isaiah 6:1-3 • Daniel 11:3

God With Us | All Sons and Daughters | iTunes
Joshua 1:9 • John 1:14 (ESV) • Psalm 68:19-20 (ESV)

Sing to the Lord | Grace Church Worship
Psalm 96 • Isaiah 49:13 • Revelation 7:12

Seas of Crimson | Bethel Music | iTunes
Isaiah 53:4-5 • Matthew 26:28 • Revelation 12:11

Exalted Over All | Vertical Worship | iTunes

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1. The way in which God wants to work in the world is through us. Our lives should be changed in a sustainable way so that we can be an agent of change in the lives of those we are responsible for. Who is in your sphere of responsibility? How can your relationship with God and the way you live your life impact them? What can you do to be more intentional about how you interact with them in the near future?

2. When you are around others, is there anything in your actions, speech, etc. that non-believers would recognize as distinct about you? If not, how can you change that? If you believe that you are distinct, how can you leverage that to have productive conversations about the gospel with those around you? What specific conversations do you need to pursue?

3. As God came to the world to engage us, we have to go into the culture around us and engage others where they are. What specific steps can you take to position yourself to better engage the world on its terms? How can you better engage others in the same way God engages us?

4. On a scale from 1-10, how effective is your community group in engaging non-believers in your community? What can your group do to better engage those around you together and individually? Identify 2-3 goals for your group or yourself this semester to grow in this area.

5. The more we study the details and glory of the universe, the grander it feels that He finely tuned it in such a way that makes it a perfect hospitable environment for us. This God who creates is a God who is hospitable. Where in God’s creation do you see evidence of His hospitality? How have you experienced hospitality in the nature of God’s character to you or to us?

Thoughts to Consider

– Our aim is that our lives would be changed in such a way that we become an agent of change for the people around us.

– God is bigger than and outside of our world; if we are going to engage the world in the way that He does, we have to recognize that the world’s existence depends on Him.

– God engages us from a position of authority and strength.

– God was not content to stand at a distance and just give law, rules, or stories; He came to us and revealed Himself to us in the lowliest form, taking on flesh in order to identify with us.

– We must be engaged both with what is going on inside of the church as well as engaged with the world where they feel comfortable.