Sermon Recap | Easter | The Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a living hope and an inheritance that is imperishable. Because of His great mercy, we are invited into a personal relationship and new life with our Savior.


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1. We can either position ourselves to praise God for what He is doing or to ask God for what we want Him to do for us. Peter is captivated by a particular vision of who God is, which produces true worship from his heart. Do you find yourself worshiping in order to receive His blessings, or are you worshiping out of a captivated heart?

2. We can trust in a living hope or a dead hope. Trusting in a dead hope causes you to be wracked by anxiety, fear, the need to control, hope in other people, hope in your performance, or anything else that consumes you other than Jesus. The living hope is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. Are you trusting in a living hope or a dead hope? What is your dead hope?

3. Jesus offers us new life because of His great mercy. His mercy has nothing to do with what we are able to bring to the table. Have you ever wondered if you are being good enough? Do you find yourself trying to work your way out of sin and shame? How does this line of thinking line up with what 1 Peter 1 says?

Thoughts to Consider

– We were all created with the capacity to participate in a relationship with someone who is transcendent. We were created to connect personally with the One who is greater than us.

– In order for real worship to arise in us, we have to have a personal relationship. We need a personal Savior.

– Peter’s confidence in praising God comes from the resurrection; He understands that the resurrection has given us a new birth and a fresh start.

– We can be tempted to think God’s mercy is cheap because He is so tolerant of our wayward soul. However, His mercy comes through the death and resurrection of Jesus, not our works.

– We are given a new life with a living hope and a secured inheritance. Our living hope is given to us in this life, while our inheritance is revealed to us in eternity.