Sermon Recap | Christianity | Sin, Grace, and Faith

Studying the basics of Christianity begins with our relationship with God. All people are born completely sinful as rebellious enemies of God. The way to be right with God is not by comparison to others or good works but through faith in Jesus by the grace that He offers through His death and resurrection.


Scripture References

Romans 3:9-26
Psalm 51
Romans 7:14-25


Center My Life | Austin Stone Worship | iTunes
Revelation 5:13 • Matthew 6:19-23 • Romans 12:1

Overcome | Elevation Worship | iTunes

Song of Moses | Aaron Keyes | iTunes
Revelation 15:3 • Exodus 15:1-3, 18 • Psalm 28:7

You Are Faithful | The Village Church | iTunes
Exodus 34:6 • Psalm 105:3 • Isaiah 51:11

Seas of Crimson | Bethel Music | iTunes
Isaiah 53:4-5 • Matthew 26:28 • Revelation 12:11

This I Believe | Hillsong Worship | iTunes
1 Corinthians 15 • John 3:16 • Romans 1:16-17 • Hebrews 1


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1. In our original condition, we are born enemies of God, controlled entirely by the power of sin, and one of the most important questions is not whether you sin, but how you react when you do. What excuses do you make to justify what you do? Which sinful desires do you recognize and choose to act on anyway? How have you felt broken in spirit about grieving God? What steps are you taking to grow in your self-awareness of your sinful nature?

2. The Jews tried to make themselves right with God by comparing themselves to other people. When you try to justify your attitude, actions, or lifestyle, to whom do you compare yourself to feel better about your sin? In what ways do you live a life of comparison?

3. Most of us, even believers, treat God too casually and are unconvinced of our true condition. If we don’t recognize and embrace God’s holiness, our attitudes may reveal it in several ways:
– We may be radically insecure and overly sensitive
– We become angry at God when life doesn’t go well
– When life is not comfortable, we are unhappy and feel entitled
– Criticism is devastating to us
– Prayer becomes important only when life seems out of control
– Living up to our standards makes us feel good and not produces depression
– We are critical of others

Where do you see yourself in any of these attitudes? How does embracing God’s holiness change your perspective on your daily life?

4. Often, our own attempts at righteousness will cloud our understanding of the gospel. God tells us to repent and believe. If you claim to be a Christian, how does your life reveal that you are hanging your whole identity on this story of grace? Are your choices motivated by thankfulness to God or the desire to earn His approval and favor?

Thoughts to Consider:

– The Law was meant to show us that we are not good enough, not to give us a way to prove ourselves to God.

– The Greek word for grace used in this passage means to give a generous gift to friends with no strings attached. God chose to show this same kindness to His enemies.

– We want a God who is both just and loving, but we don’t think we are the ones who deserve His justice.

– Sin is a deep, pervasive power affecting our desires, beliefs, and behavior that makes us want to turn away from God instead of to Him.

– Sin means we are separated from God. Grace means we are given favor by God. Faith means that we believe our sin leaves us judged by God, agree with Him about our sin, lay down our efforts to save ourselves, and humbly place ourselves under the covering of Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross.