Wrong Way!

Have you ever had a friend who is clearly taking the wrong path in life?

She is a believer in Jesus but she seems to have lost her way.   You see a train wreck ahead but you hesitate to say anything.  The self-protective thing to do is either avoid her or just listen quietly as she talks about her latest escapades.  But is that how God would call you to nurture this friend?  It’s tough to ask the hard questions, to point out another’s sin, to challenge her thinking and choices.  You don’t want to be judgmental or self-righteous, and what you need to say is definitely not what she wants to hear.    Perhaps you are motivated by fear that your friend might become angry and cut off the relationship.

Redeemed nurturing calls us to love another well, to lend strength, empower and encourage.  That doesn’t mean just being someone’s cheerleader!  Part of helping someone be who God intended them to be means holding them accountable, even when it’s uncomfortable and risky.   Proverbs 27:6  says that “wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.”  Wounds are painful but they can bring healing.

Are you really being a friend if you never say what you think about their sinful behavior and wrong thinking?  What are your thoughts?  How have you handled this challenge?  Comment below.

~Women’s Ministry Team