Partnering at Work

Partnering Redeemed in the Workplace

Diane, a woman with responsibility in her workplace, was working on a project that required approval from her boss, Mark.  Each step along the way, Mark had given his approval.  Diane was busy and procrastinated sending Mark the final portion for his review.  All other pieces had been approved; she was sure this one would follow suit.   But this time was different.  When she heard that Mark wanted her to rework the piece, Diane’s heart sank.  That meant more work at a very busy time of year, and she had to finish it today!

Diane’s first instinct was to send Mark an email explaining all of the reasons she believed her original project was on target, to justify her work and convince him that she was right.  But then, a wise friend suggested that she ask a male coworker how that email would be received by Mark.  The coworker helped Diane see that the redeemed response was to let it go and start over on the assignment.  Not what she wanted to hear, but the truth.

Through the wisdom of her friend and the guidance of her coworker, God changed Diane’s heart and gave her a desire to come under authority, rather than acting autonomously.  By God’s grace, Diane was able to partner well with her boss, to further the cause of her company and get the project completed on time.

When is it challenging for you to come under authority?  Who can you call on for wise advice when you are compelled to act autonomously?  If you can’t think of anyone, how can you begin to cultivate such a relationship?

~Women’s Ministry Team