Nurturing Friends

Nurturing Corrupted in Friendships

Lacey has a friend who has recently faced troubling times.  She cares deeply for this friend and has tried to be supportive and available.  In fact, it makes her feel important when a friend calls her for help, and she frequently drops everything to “be there” through the crisis.  The problem is, there seems to be a crisis every day!  And Lacey finds herself putting off things that only she can take care of.  Even with Lacey’s guidance, this friend is not turning to God, but to Lacey.

Through Ezer, Lacey is learning that she is corrupting the nurturing capacity; though her commitment and sacrifice seem noble, she is really just promoting herself and her need to be needed.  Yes, God calls her to be a friend, but for the purpose of pointing others to Jesus, not herself.

Slowly but surely, God is working in Lacey’s heart and showing her how she can be supportive but more objective in these relationships.   It may be that God wants her to challenge each friend to truly trust Him, not her or anyone else.  She sees that God is calling her to nurture her friends to be who He called them to be, dependent on Him, not her.

Where are you allowing others to depend on you because it makes you feel important?    What changes might God be calling you to make?  Where are you neglecting responsibilities because you are too busy attending to another’s concerns?

~Women’s Ministry Team