Nurturing and Alzheimer’s

It started when she began to complain that her husband disappeared without telling her.

That was when we began to “know” Alzheimer’s—the enemy of a complete life.  The anger is amazing, the guilt is deep, and the sadness is deeper.  These feelings haunt our minds and hearts at unexpected moments.

There are times where God intervenes.  The day at McDonald’s when she talks to the gothically-dressed teen as if he’s a priest, and the boy is kind and loving. The trip to the mall when she wanders out of the dressing room and the store clerk leads her calmly back.  The days she sings Amazing Grace with joy in her eyes, and all the residents gathered in the “Shepherd” unit feel His tender mercies.

What does Ezer tell us about nurturing in this case?  What does it mean to do right in God’s eyes when you’re 600 miles away? Nurturing calls us to be honest in understanding our circle of responsibility, recognizing that we cannot fix every problem – certainly not Alzheimer’s.  But we can nurture in the moments we are there.  We can bring joy by sharing the present and the past.  And we can repeatedly, repeatedly pray that we can be less angry, knowing that God is in control.

Are you in a situation over which you have no control?  Do you need to figure out a new way to nurture without taking total responsibility?  Whom can you talk with about the guilt that besieges you, and are you ready to recognize the changes needed to be the Ezer that God calls you to be?

~Women’s Ministry Team