Inviting: Your Front Porch

Picture inviting as a front porch.

A front porch is a gathering place for neighbors and friends, a place to slow down.  It is open, inclusive, safe and welcoming.  It is a place where stories are shared, walls come down, laughter is heard, and memories are made.  When we invite people onto our front porch, we are inviting them into a relationship.  As time goes on, that relationship gives us access into each other’s lives.  Sometimes the Father allows that access for just a season; we may remain on the front porch together.  Other times He intends for us to invest for several seasons and we may invite that friend into our kitchen or den, into a deeper relationship.  But whatever the length or depth of our relationships, inviting a relationship is the first step towards having a voice in someone’s life, and the opportunity to point that person to Jesus.

A woman who invites well can be used by God to impact and change another person’s life.

Where might God be calling you to invest in the life of another?

~Women’s Ministry Team