Inviting in my Season

What an amazing blessing it is that God has invited us to enter into relationship with Him as our Father. As a daughter of the King, I am specifically called to extend that same invitation to those around me.

I do not currently find myself with much opportunity to interact with those outside of my home. I am a stay-at-home mom with young children, and most of my time is spent with them. I sometimes wonder about the part I have to play. How is God calling me to be inviting during this season of having little ones?

Others are in the ministry or workplace and enter into relationship with people they meet there, but during this season of my life God is especially calling me to extend His invitation to my children. I can simply love and invite them to truly know me because God loves and invites me to truly know Him as my Father. This may sound obvious, but there are many times that I overlook them as my ministry and treat them as distractions. Rather than inviting them to come to me, I sometimes close myself off and wish they would leave me alone.

“Even in my imperfections, God provides the increase.”

How do I specifically extend God’s invitation to my infant? My sweet baby draws each of his needs from me. He is completely dependent right now. As I supply what he needs from my limited resources, I am teaching him that he can trust me and ultimately trust his Heavenly Father who truly can supply all of his needs. What an awesome responsibility! God has placed me right on the front lines of my infant’s heart to plant seeds of trust that can one day grow into a harvest of abundant life. Even in my imperfections, God provides the increase.

And what about my toddler? She appears to need no invitation. She bounds towards me and wraps herself around my legs when she does not immediately find my arms open wide. She wiggles up onto my lap with no thought that I might not want to hold her at that moment.  On the surface it appears that I spend more time responding to her invitation than the other way around. Yet I know it is truly because I have loved her first that she now radiates love back to me. What an amazing picture of the Father’s love for us!

Your season of life may be different from mine. Regardless, God is calling you and me to embrace our roles and extend His invitation through us to whomever He brings into our lives. Such a privilege! How is God calling you to be inviting during this season of your life?

– Michelle Maenche, Spartanburg