Experiencing the Healer

Going “home” for the holidays has been a different experience for her ever since God made her face the past.

In college God drew her to Himself which began a sweet mountaintop experience. However, this quickly passed as God opened her heart to the pain of acknowledging that her brother sexually abused her when she was a little girl. The emotional pain manifested physical in panic attacks, depression, and broken family relationships. God took several precious years to speak healing deep in her heart, despite her brother’s blatant denial and continued strained family relationships.

In following Jesus, she has found that healing and forgiveness is a process. Each time she gathers with her extended family, she exposes the recently healed scars that can be wounded by a difficult conversation or awkward interaction. Still, she constantly experiences Jesus as her healer.  Part of being an Ezer is to nurture, but before we can truly nurture, we need to allow Jesus to nurture us, by healing the brokenness in our hearts and lives.

During Christmas we celebrate that Jesus came to this earth. He came to heal us from sin, both in us and inflicted on us. He came to nurture us so that in turn we could nurture others.

Will you allow Jesus to nurture you? Do you see any areas where you are refusing his tender touch of healing, grace, or even conviction? How has He already nurtured you in ways you can pass along this holiday season ?

~Women’s Ministry Team