Clinging to the Past

Anna likes her in-laws, she really does.  But the thought of this first Christmas away from her parents’ house and their treasured traditions is more than she can stand to think about sometimes.

Anna and Josh have been married for six months.  Thanksgiving wasn’t too bad (of course, they were with her family for most of it), but Christmas is different.  She loves the feeling she gets every time she thinks of sitting at the top of her parents’ stairs on Christmas morning, waiting to see what Santa brought, just like she and her sister did when they were kids.  The last few years have been different anyway since Anna’s older sister got married, moved away and had kids of her own.

Still, she isn’t ready to be finished with the family traditions she grew up with that made her feel so happy and comfortable.

In many ways, nostalgia can keep us from partnering with those we love and even keep us from true worship during the Christmas season.

Are you clinging to the “way things have always been” more than you are to the hope that Jesus brought us that December night?  Are you struggling to partner with your spouse because you are afraid to let traditions change?  What traditions do you need to let go of this year to better partner with those around you and to make room for the Holy Spirit to work in your heart?

~Women’s Ministry Team