Chasing Seasons

The anticipation and excitement about the possibility of snow crackled like static electricity in our home. Obsessive weather checking by all members held our imaginations captive. We were prepared with supplies and ready for the blizzard, should it come.

When the snow finally came, we were joyous, until the freshness wore off, feet were cold, and the day got boring. Then it became a bother and discontent stirred. On to the next thing!

Now dreams of warm days, the beach, and spring flowers occupy my mind. The counting down has begun toward relief from this blasted winter season. But I’ve lived long enough to know that satisfaction doesn’t last long when our gaze is focused on what’s coming next, because each season holds it’s own beauty and hardship.

This analogy so readily applies to seasons of our life, as we chase definition and worth. I can remember obsessing about getting married when I was single, believing it would place a value on who I was. After I was married, I built fantasies around being a mother. After I was a mother, I would dream of the day when I would have my time, my body, and my space back. I focused so much energy on the next milestone that along the way I forgot to find satisfaction in Christ where he had me. I was always chasing the next season, wishing for something different and living frustrated.

In chasing the next thing, it’s impossible to live present lives.

Under the umbrella of His calling, as an ezer, my season isn’t as important because my worth is defined in the present. It doesn’t shift with circumstances, age, title or abilities. My Creator has established my value as essential. When I believe what He says, I am free to live out my calling for His glory in my here and now.  It’s not always easy, but it is a choice to engage the present or not.  Choosing contentment and satisfaction in His plan and my season equips me to love as His child.

But what does that actually look like?

When I am present, I am free to INVITE connection with an open heart and without resentment. I see this moment, this season, as a privilege and not as something to rush through.

When I am present, I am free to NURTURE the relationships that Jesus has placed in my life during that time and I can cherish the sweetness of each opportunity.

When I am present, I am free to PARTNER with others, knowing that I am also partnering with Christ, under His protection and authority.

FREEDOM. It’s what we all want. It’s what Christ paid for and He offers it to us now, in this present season to enjoy.  Daily, I must choose to recognize my season as a gift, ripe with opportunities to grow in my calling as I move toward Jesus. After all, like the weather in South Carolina, seasons change quickly. Chasing after the next only leads to exhaustion, and I would much rather live free than worn out.

Do you find yourself chasing after the next season? What does it look like for you to live free in the present?

– Kristi Carden, Pelham