The Power of the Gospel in Allendale

I have witnessed the power of the Gospel in my own life. For 18 years I couldn’t find anything that truly changed me and freed me from my sinful habits and my own desires. Sometime in the past year I was awakened to the fact that God knows how truly filthy and broken I am, yet he chooses to love me and call me his son.

When God looks at me, he sees me covered by the blood of his son. I am made righteous and clean despite my filth, not because I am good enough or because I have done something to become clean, but because Jesus suffered, died, and resurrected. Because of his love, I am made free from sin and have the right to become a child of God. It is this gospel that has changed my life and will not stop changing my life!

I believe that God is working in Allendale and I believe that the good news of Jesus will be the source of hope that changes this place! My prayer for Allendale is that the Gospel will not be drowned out or suffocated by culture, tradition, fear, or any other wall.

Leaders in Allendale are threatened by cultural boundaries and years of tradition. One pastor is under the heavy weight of tradition that was established generations before him. Pray that he will be courageous in the Gospel. Pray that the legitimate fear of persecution will not keep him from preaching the truth about our sin and the truth about our savior. Another pastor is struggling to find help. There are only a handful of men in his church and only a handful step up and take responsibility. Besides being a pastor, he works a full time job. On top of that, he is currently doing yard work and other tasks due to the small amount of help. Pray that God will provide workers so he can spend time studying, preaching, and spending more time with people.

If the gospel runs free through this place, it will be a river of hope to a thirsty people. There are leaders that are already drinking and soaking in the love of Christ. Pray that they will not hold back, but lead people to the river courageously! We have great leaders here and I am thankful for them! Pray for them and pray that God would rise up more leaders here!

-Wes Johnson