The Hard Part(s)


Foster care. Sometimes, that first step can seem like the hardest one.

The paperwork, regulations, and requirements may seem like more than you can handle. This post is for those who are feeling nudged- for those who are starting to see God move them to be faithful in this way.  Stephen and Taryn Jones have recently begun this process of becoming foster parents. 

Fire inspection. Check. Home health inspection. Check.


I’m finding all that was once the hard part has become the easy part. It used to be lurking way out in front of us; it was waiting on us to step out in obedience and to fill out the papers (lots of papers).

God brought us to a crossroads and called us to move. The hard part was making that move.

For us, there were about two years of small nudges, discussions, and prayers- hoping it’d go away- more nudging, chats, etc. until the night my husband checked the little box at the Miracle Hill Banquet. We said we would pursue becoming a foster family. Now, somehow, the papers have become the easy part! Now, we are wading through the papers (did I mention the papers?), and we are seeing how each step of the way takes us closer to the next hard part.

The hard part is the unknown.


We don’t know if or how our hearts will be ready to take in these children after a single phone call. We don’t know how our three children, who seem excited now and argue over who gets to share a room with them, will ultimately respond when this becomes a reality. We don’t know what stressors will be added to our family.

But in this process, we are seeing how all of life is just like this. Wading in the unknown, stepping out, trusting, wondering, asking the what-ifs…all under the umbrella of faith.


God’s sovereignty covers it all.


And as each inspection was passed with a sigh of relief, I’ve found myself thinking about my own need for an inspection. A heart inspection. The recent studies of Abraham, and now James, are doing a piercing work on my heart and soul.

How do I move in obedience without knowing the details? Oh, how my mind likes knowing the details about life! Yet, the Lord doesn’t give us all those tidbits. He does give peace though. And we’ve felt an overwhelming sense of peace as we are walking out these early stages of following Him into the fostering unknowns. 

The Lord also gives community. We feel supported by people praying for us, by our church partnering with us, and by the beautiful ministry of Miracle Hill. For now we will keep filling out forms. We pray God fills up our hearts in preparation for pouring into some special little hearts headed our way.



-Taryn Jones

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