Hurricane Matthew | Upstate Relief

Over the next several days, up to 12,000 evacuees from the lower part of South Carolina are expected to travel upstate. We desire to steward our resources in a meaningful way as a proactive response to this potential need. Much of the storm’s impact, and even its path, is still unknown, but our goal is to be ready as first-responders as the needs begin to arise.

Grace Church has the opportunity to deploy our resources and man-power to join with other relief efforts in Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg.  Through conversations with local government response agencies and nonprofits, we are asking you to contribute in one of the following ways:

1] Volunteer

The Upstate Red Cross has a high capacity emergency shelter open in the Spartanburg Expo Center (with locations in Greenville and Anderson in queue, dependent on need).

They are in need of volunteers over the course of the week to help with food and management of the shelter. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to and click on “Volunteer” on the menu located on the left side of the web page.
  2. Scroll down on the Volunteer page and click on the link “Adult Volunteer – Upstate SC Area.”
  3. Create a Red Cross ID, and complete the checklist provided.
    • This includes personal information, an online orientation, terms & agreements, and a background check.
    • This can take up to 45 minutes to complete the entire application.
  4. Once the application is completed, scroll to the top of the web page and click on the “Opportunities” tab
    • Check all of the boxes that apply to you for Opportunity LocationVolunteer Availability, and Volunteer Benefits.
    • For Volunteer Interests, make sure to check ‘respond to disasters.’
  5. Once you continue to the next page, please choose one of the options that begin with “DCS.”


2] Give

An operation this size is costly. We are giving financially to the Red Cross to help cover supplies, food, and other needs. Watch this message from Bill White for more information about Grace Church’s donation, and give here to participate in this effort with us.

3] Host

We are working alongside churches in the lower part of our state to host families in need of shelter due to the Hurricane Matthew evacuation. If you are willing to be a host family this week, please fill out this formUpdate: We’ve had a great response! We are no longer in need of host homes.